Unhoused humanity

We are on a mission to provide a fresh start to the homeless community while chipping away at the barrier that separates them from society
As we drive on the way to school or work, we try not to make eye contact with those who have fallen and have been forgotten. We keep looking forward, we pretend not to notice, we don’t acknowledge their existence.

In just the past few months, it was made illegal in South Florida to feed those experiencing homelessness and not too long ago a homeless man was set on fire while sleeping on a California beach. On February 4, passers-by stepped over a dead homeless man in New York after he froze to death on the steps of a record store.

Instances like these make it clear that the gap between society and the homeless is now greater than ever. It seems as if we no longer view those experiencing homelessness as human beings.

The homeless community has been excluded from society – but what if there was a way to enter them into a home and ultimately back into humanity?

At Unhoused Humanity we believe that this view of the homeless stems from the fear of the unknown. We live in separate worlds, one with houses and one without. We feel that in order to end homelessness we must build a bridge of human connection across these separate worlds. Only once we establish this bridge, can we reach out to our fellow humans with open arms.

Now, we invite you to start building this bridge. Read someone’s profile and get to really know them on a personal basis as you help them get back on their feet as quickly and directly as possible.