Liter of Lite


We believe green technology is for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s only accessible to those who can afford it.

That’s why the foundation is taking sustainable building solutions to the grassroots level—the people who are in most need of low-cost infrastructures.

These ideas are easily replicable, scalable, and of course, only use materials that are sourced from local communities.


Our latest project is the Liter of Light or Isang Litrong Liwanag. It brings the eco-friendly bottle light to communities living without electricity.

The Technology

What do you get with sunshine and an old plastic bottle filled with water and chlorine? Thanks to Alfred Moser and a group of MIT students, you get a 55-watt solar bulb that refracts sunlight! It’s powerful enough to light up a home but more than that it’s environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and easy to make.

The Movement

The Liter of Light began in the Philippines with one bottle light. Eventually, the movement grew to brighten up 28,000 homes and the lives of 70,000 people in Metro Manila alone. Now Liter of Light is present in India, Indonesia, and even as far away as Switzerland.

The Future

MyShelter Foundation is relying on volunteers like you to spread the Liter of Light movement where it’s needed. Using the Philippines as our home base, we want one million bottle lights installed around the world by 2015.