Cynthia Guy

Dr. Cynthia Guy is a physician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. After practicing anesthesia, pain management and bariatric medicine in St. Louis, Missouri for 25 years, she returned to her native country of Panama to advocate on behalf of the hearing impaired. She single-handedly founded The Cochlear Implant Institute, whose mission was to identify adults and children with profound hearing loss and to coordinate a team of experts to implant a cochlear device in the patient and work to rehabilitate them. In order to help even more patients, Dr. Guy later founded Fundacion Oir Es Vivir to raise funds and awareness for hearing impairment. Having returned to the United States, Dr. Guy now focuses on helping others increase their health and vitality through NutriLife Wellness LLC. Dr. Guy’s multifaceted approach to medicine incorporates functional nutrition principles to support both body and mind.

With a freshly launched website, Cynthia focuses her efforts on sharing knowledge and experience with the region of Central America and the Caribbean’s.

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